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Egypt and Malaysia


Hornbill Unleashed

Josh Hong

“Egypt is the latest reminder that the region is in turmoil and won’t leave us alone, however we may wish it would. Disengagement is not an option, because the status quo is not an option. Any decision not to act is itself a decision of vast consequence. 
“At its crudest, we can’t afford for Egypt to collapse. So we should engage with the new de facto power and help the new government make the changes necessary, especially on the economy, so they can deliver for the people.” (Tony Blair, July 6, 2013)

That the former British prime minister who cheated his country into the catastrophic Iraq War that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives 10 years ago is lending legitimacy to the military intervention in Egypt earlier this month should surprise no one. It ought to be reminded here that Britain, as a former colonial power that…

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Surprise! Surprise! SDNU openly champions Native Customary Rights and Lands!



SDNU openly champions Native Customary Rights and Lands!

Surprise! Surprise!

It has taken the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) a week and a half to react to the Global Witness video. SDNU’s Vice President Anthony Banyan, in a statement published in the Borneo Post last February, was quite clear that “SDNU has no political affiliation and this is how it should always remain,” and I applaud him for his neutrality (see And today, Banyan has kept his word by coming out strongly against the allegations made in the Global Witness video (see

Based on the report published today, SDNU issued its statement following the SDNU supreme council meeting on Wednesday, which we presume must have been chaired by its President William Mawan, whose other hat is, of course, President of the Sarawak People’s Democratic Party (SPDP), a Sarawak based party in the BN ruling coalition with a Dayak…

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I am a Muslim and I am not that offended


Disagree or Agree?

Hornbill Unleashed

Young Singaporean Muslim

When I first saw the “Halal Bak Kut Teh” picture on The Real Singapore Facebook page, I was irritated but I didn’t think much of it. I believed the guy was an idiot and that’s it. But I was surprised that the backlash has gotten so big over just a few hours.

I was disappointed to see so much hate comments being posted by fellow Muslims over this one photo and some even go far as to post threats of violence and death threats. And now, the couple is facing up to 15 years in jail and heavy fines over this one photo, which really saddens me as thieves and people with assault charges usually get much less.

Why am I not offended? I actually have a different perspective on the issue. I subscribed to a few foreign news channels like Al Jazeera and The Young Turks…

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