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Dissecting the “Legend of Korra” Book 2 Trailer



Jon Negroni

The first trailer for the new season of Legend of Korra is finally upon us. Let’s take a close look at these latest revelations!

00:01-00:31 The first 30 seconds of the trailer give us the title of the Book, which is “Spirits.” Though we already know this, the trailer gets off to a great visual start featuring one of the bending circles in a great animation style. Because it’s blue, the circle is reminiscent of the spirit world, which is fitting of course.

00:32-00:33 A brief look at Tenzin and Korra as they meditate. Judging by the rest of the trailer, they are probably entering the Spirit World together.

00:34-00:38 Next we see Unalaq performing some waterbending moves in the middle of the night, probably in the North Pole. Unalaq is Korra’s uncle and the chief of both Water Tribes.

 00:38-00:40 Here we see Korra riding Naga in what appears to…

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